How To Make Money On EnjoyBid

Join the Enjoybid APP project, where the policy allows three-level distribution system, there are multiple wins advantage point. The profit is as follows:

Profit 1:
Enter the auction room, increase the price of the lot, and get the amount of increase for each bid 10% bonus, the number of bids is 4 times, 10 times and 11 times according to the VIP membership level, the duration of each auction is 60 minutes, spend more than ten minutes a day, and the daily income is RM50-200!

Profit 2:
You can also directly snatch the lot, and then initiate a second auction, resell and be auctioned by others, If the auction is successful, those who resell will receive a 1% bonus.

Profit 3:
Invite friends to make money together, the more friends earn, the more you earn, no upper limit! You can get the commission is as follows:

  1. Friend recharge VIP first-level friend recommendation can get 10% commission, second-level friend recommendation can get 4% commission, third-level friend recommendation can get 2% commission;
  2. Every time a friend increases the price, the first-level friend recommendation can get 9% commission, and the second-level friend recommendation 3% commission can be obtained, and 1% commission can be obtained for third-level friend recommendation;
  3. If a friend resubmits the transaction, the first-level friend recommendation can get 3% commission, The second-level friend recommendation, You can get 2% commission, and you can get 1% commission for third-level friend recommendation.