Sound Platform Guarantee System

In order to protect the full rights enjoyed by players on the platform, our company spends a lot of money to hire professional technicians. The team conducts industrial and technical operation and maintenance of the platform, solves problems such as player information leakage, transaction interruption, and commission extraction at the technical level, and utilizes technology-based investment methods throughout the industry to ensure player information security and network security to the greatest extent. , capital security and operation and maintenance security.

As the leading Internet auction trading platform in the world, ENJOYBID APP is a trading platform built under the permission of laws and policies, the commissions of users’ bids are paid in full by the Tibetan price, the transaction guarantee is complete, and the transaction process is safe. platform membership fee” a virtuous circle mechanism for a win-win situation for all three parties.

Preventive Solution:

The model of the ENJOYBID platform itself is a win-win and mutually beneficial model for the three parties. The commission cost for users to participate in the bidding is provided by the collectors, and the income of the platform is collected through reasonable user service fees and handling fees are maintained, and the platform provides collections for collectors the price is raised, and collectors circulate their undervalued products in the collection circle profit. The financial risk is already lower than 98.6% of the companies currently on the market! ! !

However, the company still be prepared for danger in times of peace, implement a strict approval system for capital borrowing and use, and adjust the capital structure according to the company’s development and capital market cost changes. First of all, the company needs to strengthen the management of business investment, business expenditure, daily cash, etc., and reduce capital occupation on the basis of maintaining high liquidity, so as to provide cash flow for the company to expand investment. Secondly, the company will minimize the probability of possible risk.