Most frequent questions and answers

A. Please be sure to read carefully the rules and play of bidding.

B. The user must have registered as a member and purchased VIP qualification.

C. Pay the deposit to register for the auction, the successful payment means successful registration.

D. If you fail to bid or do not bid, the deposit will be returned.

As long as you recharge to become a member of the ENJOYBID APP will be valid for life

Membership can only be upgraded but not downgraded.

VIP members only need to make up the difference in price between upgrades.

VIP Level














VIP Level







Bid Range







No. of bids







Bid Bonus

10% bonus per bid

Grade 1 refers 9%, Grade 2 refers 3%, Grade 3 refers 1%

Resale Bonus

1% resell bonus for resell auctions

Grade 1 refers 3%, Grade 2 refers 2%, Grade 3 refersBased on reseller bonus

VIP Purchase

Grade 1 refers 10%, Grade 2 refers 4%, Grade 3 refers 2%

Auction rooms are divided into: Experience Zone, VIP1, VIP2, VIP3, VIP4, VIP5, VIP6.

A. Experience Zone is mainly for members who have not purchased the VIP level and can 0₫ input to experience the whole process of bidding.

B. VIP1-VIP6 room with different prices for the auction items, the higher the VIP level of the room, the higher the price of the auction items, (prices include the value of the auction items themselves, starting price, prepaid deposit, bid range).

C. The VIP level of the members participating in the auction at the same time must be greater than or equal to the VIP level of the room, otherwise they are not allowed to participate in the auction. For example: A member (VIP5) then A member can only enter the VIP5 and the following rooms to auction goods, but not to enter the VIP6 room to bid on goods.

The total number of bids per auction is 60 times.

There is no limit to the number of bidders in the room.

Yes, we recommend that you pay the deposit in advance to avoid missing the auction.

Become a member first, then find the recharge portal in the “Personal Center” of the APP and follow the instructions to complete the operation.

There is no limit to the amount of single recharge.

The platform supports real-time online payment.

When the status of the auction is about to start and the auction is in progress, you can pay the deposit to participate in the auction.

A, Number of payments: The deposit must be paid at once, and cannot be divided into separate payments.

B, Payment method: Payment method is deducted through the wallet, and the wallet balance is insufficient for real-time online payment top-up.

C, Deposit funds flow: After the auction deposit is paid, the deposit will be temporarily deducted. If the auction is successful, the deposit will be directly deducted from the purchase price. If the auction fails, the deposit will be immediately returned to the original payment wallet account, if the return of the wallet fails, please contact hengpai customer service to deal with.

D, deposit payment deadline: you can pay the deposit after the auction starts (before the auction ends), you are recommended to pay the deposit 1-3 days before the auction starts, so as to avoid problems with the deposit payment and miss the auction.

E, under what circumstances will the deposit be returned: If you do not bid after the deposit is paid, or if you do not bid on the subject matter, the deposit will be returned in the same way.

Each time you participate in the auction, you need to pay the deposit once.

If your account balance is not enough to pay the final payment, you need to top up your account online to make up the final payment.

If you participate in the auction and do not pay the final payment after the auction is successful, our order will be automatically closed within 24 hours and the lot will be recalled, after the closure will not have an impact on your account and credit, but according to the auction rules, the buyer subjective reasons to regret the auction, the merchant can confiscate your deposit and bid amount. We suggest you to consider carefully.

After the auction is successful, you need to make the final payment on the order within 24 hours. If the amount is not enough, you can top up the money to the wallet and use the balance to pay the final payment.

The deposit and bid amount will be returned to your account in real time after the auction fails.

Yes, it is not necessary to bid after registration, so you can also not bid after registration, and the deposit will be refunded to you if you do not bid.

Yes, the auction has a fixed bidding cycle, if no one bids or aborts an auction, then the system automatically recalls the goods and starts a new round of bidding within the specified time, and the cycle repeats until the auction is won.

There is a minimum withdrawal limit of 177651₫ and no maximum limit.

If an item is not resold/recycled/posted within 24 hours of being auctioned, the system will initiate a resale by default.

Recycle is a mechanism set up by the platform to protect the rights and interests of members. The platform can recycle the auctioned items at the original price; the auction can be recalled only after the auction has been aborted for 1 time after the transfer is initiated.

Referring friends to buy VIP, bidding, and resale goods can get multiple lucrative earnings; member earnings can be stacked up to three levels.

1). Refer a friend to buy VIP membership, if the friend is a first-class referral, the referrer can get 10% commission.

2). If the friend is a second level referral, the referrer can get 4% commission.

3). If the friend is a third-level referral, the referrer can get 2% commission.

1). 10% bonus of the bid amount can be earned by friends participating in the bidding themselves.

2). If the friend is a first level referral, the referrer earns 9% rebate.

3). If the friend is a second level referral, the referrer can get 3% rebate.

4). If a friend is a third-level referral, the referrer can get 1% commission.

1). A friend who initiates a re-lot of goods and is made into a lot by other members can earn a 1% reward of the amount made into a lot.

2). If the friend is a first-class referral, the referrer can get 3% rebate of the referrer’s transaction bonus.

3). If the friend is a second level referral, the referrer can get 2% rebate of the re-bidder’s transaction bonus.

4). If the friend is a third-level referral, the referrer can get 1% rebate of the referral’s transaction bonus.

High earnings and the number of recommended members and the referee’s membership level is closely related, we recommend that you upgrade their own level at the same time to develop more than one level of referral, can bring high earnings.

High earnings and the number of recommended members and their own level, we recommend that you upgrade to the highest level of membership at the same time, more development of a recommendation, and urge subordinates to participate in more bids, in order to earn a higher bonus bonus money.

Improve their VIP membership level, and the higher the level of your recommended friends, the more the number, the more times to initiate the transfer of the auction, you will get each friend transfer of the auction brought about by the generous income, so we have to manage friends, so that more friends to initiate more transfer of the auction goods.

Commission is a way to encourage members to refer more friends to participate in the auction.

1). Commission is divided into three parts: commission for bids, commission for VIP purchases, and commission for resale bids.

2). When a valid subordinate member is invited to participate in bidding, transferring and buying VIP membership, he/she will be rewarded with a certain percentage of commission, which can be transferred to the balance or withdrawn for use.