André Leon Talley Auction Surpasses Expectations, Reaching $1.4 Million in Total Sales

Many of us imagine that one day after we pass away, our cherished possessions will be assembled for others to admire. André Leon Talley, a former fashion editor for Vogue, W, WWD, Interview, and Vanity Fair from 1975 to 2013, had a remarkable collection of items that were auctioned off for charity at Christie’s. His items were worthy of a museum and were sold for over $1.4 million.

Talley was known for his exquisite taste, and his style shaped that of many readers. His items, including art, luggage, and caftans, among others, were sold to benefit Baptist churches that he attended in life. The sale exceeded expectations, and items continued to spiral upward even after the live sale concluded. Talley’s items represented years of friendships with notable designers and fashion figures, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and Andy Warhol. Lagerfeld and Wintour helped him push for better representation of diverse bodies in magazines. However, as he aged and lost his connections, he felt abandoned by the fashion community, and in his final years, he lived in a rented house, removed from his once-commanding life in fashion.

The auction was a bittersweet triumph, showcasing Talley’s exquisite taste and beautiful mind but also serving as a testament to how one can lose everything, even with a collection of glorious things.


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