About Us



EnjoyBid Online Auction Co. Ltd. was established and registered in 2011 with a registered capital of US$500 million. Our group is headquartered in Hong Kong, an important global economic and trade center, and is owned by Poly Culture Group Hong Kong Auction Co. Ltd. We expanded to Malaysia in 2021, and concurrently established in Vietnam. Our main business focuses on the auction and transaction of jadeite rough stones, calligraphy and painting, and artwork. Our company has conducted tens of thousands of successful auction transactions, with a cumulative transaction amount exceeding 10 billion USD. As a result, we have established ourselves as a prestigious auction company in Hong Kong and around the world. Our merchants have formed a large digital group network that helps to promote and develop the auction trading industry.

To stay aligned with market trends and meet the needs of the industry, we actively learn from the online auction models of mature international auction companies. In response, we have created an innovative auction e-commerce software platform with our own unique characteristics – ENJOYBID. We are committed to continuously innovating to become a leader in the auction e-commerce platform industry.

Our mission is to raise the price of collections for collectors by providing a unique online trading platform that creates economic value and advantages for collectors. We leverage policy vacancies and permits to conduct auctions and resales of products, including jadeite, calligraphy, and painting, to promote auctions and increase the market price of lots. With our deep understanding and vast experience in the industry, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with over 1000 senior collectors. This has allowed us to quickly capture market share at an early stage, establish market barriers through effective methods, and operate the ENJOYBID APP for many years. We strive to maintain our experience, stabilize our customer base, retain customers, and provide services that increase the prices of collector jade jewelry and other commodities, while earning corresponding labor remuneration.

By deeply integrating the internet and auction industries, online auctions have become an attractive option for the public. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought offline auctions in various areas to a dilemma. Due to travel and social restrictions, physical auctions and exhibitions have to be put to a stop. Hence, online auctions have ushered in huge opportunities for development.

As the leading internet auction trading platform in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam, ENJOYBID is a trading platform built under policy permission. Commissions for users’ bids are fully covered by the “collectors”. We provide complete transaction guarantees and safe processes, forming a virtuous circle mechanism of all three parties, including “collector collection price increase + user commission collection + platform membership fee.