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Auction News

André Leon Talley Auction Surpasses Expectations, Reaching $1.4 Million in Total Sales

Many of us imagine that one day after we pass away, our cherished possessions will be assembled[…]

Auction News

An auction of a Star Wars script has been halted under the appeal from Peter Mayhew’s widow

An English couple discovered hallowed science fiction artifacts while cleaning their attic, which had been there since[…]

Auction News

Elvis Presley’s private jet Sells at Auction for $260,000

Last month, on what would have been Elvis Presley’s 88th birthday, the King of Rock and Roll’s[…]

Auction News

United Kingdom electricity capacity auction prices hit record low

To ensure sufficient electricity capacity for 2023/2024, The auction cleared at £60/kwh /year, down from £75/kwh/year. The[…]


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